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Why Is My Turtle Not Moving

Why Is My Turtle Not Moving?

Okay, time to get serious. If your turtle is not moving, you are probably concerned and have a lot of questions. Is your turtle just tired, or is there something wrong with them? You might even be worried that they might die. If you are searching for the answer to “why is my turtle not […]

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How Much Are Baby Turtles

How Much Are Baby Turtles?

Baby turtles are adorable creatures that make amazing pets. If you are thinking about getting a baby turtle, the first thing that comes to mind is likely the baby turtle price. Here is what we have learned about how much baby turtles cost. How much are baby turtles? The price of a baby turtle can […]

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Turtles Shedding Skin

Turtle Shedding Skin: Causes and Treatment

A turtle’s shell is composed of a large number of bones, and their hard shells are always covered by a layer of hardened epithelial skin. This outer layer is responsible for giving the outer shell it’s signature hard and scaly look. That layer of epithelium skin is called Scutes. Sometimes, a turtle’s shell might start shedding. Different […]

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