Turtle Board Submissions

Turtle Board

Welcome to the Turtle Board! Here we display photos and descriptions of our reader’s turtles!

You can submit your turtle by emailing me at turtleholic1@gmail.com

Please include a picture along with your turtle’s Name, Species, Age, and any other description you would like to include.


Species: Diamondback terrapin

Age: 2 years old

Owner: Leon Bei

Dopey is a shrimp lover, and she ate so many shrimp that her shell got reddish. She’s also pretty smart because she can always find a way to get out of the tank:)


Species: Red-Eared Slider

Age: 3 weeks

Owner: Bailey

He so young and gets scared easily but think he’s warming up to us and we hope he is our pet for a long time.

Sheldon Yelton

Species: Mississippi Map Turtle

Age: 1 year old

Owner: Kellie

cute turtle

Sheldon definitely takes the cake for the cutest name and the cutest eyes.


Species: Gulf Coast Box Turtle

Age: 3 years old

Owner: Fabiano

Lavern is a very curious turtle, and loves to hunt for Easter eggs.

Sparky Anderson

Species: Cumberland Slider

Age: 3 years old

Owner: Tricia

turtle basking

Here is an adorable picture of Sparky Anderson basking on its favorite rock.


Species: Yellow Bellied Slider

Age: 10 months

Owner: Tala

Crunchy lives in a tank with other fishes. She recently lost her friend Salhof (3 years old turtle) and got depressed for a while. She then started chasing the fish and eat whatever she caught.


Species: Midland Painted Turtle

Age: 1 year old

Owner: Sue

Despite missing her right “hand,” Nemo is an avid swimmer and loves interacting with people.


Species: Yellow Bellied Slider

Age: 4 months

Owner: Jennifer

Penny lives in a 40 gallon tank and spends most of her time swimming.


Species: Painted Turtle

Age: 8 months old

Owner: Steven

Ralph is a little shy, but he is a great swimmer and spends a lot of his time basking.

Squirt and Lucy

Species: Albino Red Eared Slider

Age: 2 years old

Owner: Mike

Squirt and Lucy are both Albino Red Eared Sliders. While this species usually doesn’t survive long in the wild, they are both healthy and thriving in their 75 gallon tank.


Species: Red Eared Slider

Age: 3 years old

Owner: Zaydan


Species: Red Eared Slider

Age: 3 years old

Owner: Zaydan

Salvador, Dali, and April

Species: Box Turtles

Age: 25 , 25, and ~8 years old

Owner: Arlene

These beautiful box turtles live in Florida. Their owner engineered a very cool outdoor habitat using dog cages. There are openings in the cages that allow the turtles to move around and visit each other.