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Do Turtle Tanks Actually Need Air Pumps link picture

Air Pumps Are Needed For Fish But What About Turtles?

Why Is My Turtle Aggressive link picture

Have An Aggressive Turtle? Here's What You Can Do About It.

Why Is My Turtle Losing Color link picture

It's Normal For Turtles To Lose And Change Their Color, But Sometimes It Suggests A Problem

Why My Turtles Shell Looks Dry link picture

If Your Turtle's Shell Looks Dry, It Is Probably Because Of One Of These 3 Reasons

What Foods Bad Turtles link picture

You Probably Know Fried Chicken Is Bad For Your Turtle, But What About These Other Foods?

Why Is My Turtle Floating_ The Startling Truth Link Picture

If Your Turtle Is Floating And Unable To Submerge Beneath the Water, You'll Need to Act Fast!

How To Safely Quarantine A Turtle Link

If You Have a Sick or New Turtle, You May Need to Quarantine It. Here's How. 

What Vitamins Do Turtles Need link picture

Vitamin Supplementation is Unnecessary for Turtles is Unnecessary, EXCEPT For These 2 Vitamins

This is Why Your Turtle is Always Basking link picture

If Your Turtle Is Always Basking, It's Likely Because Of This Reason

Why is My Turtle Staying Out of the Water link picture

When Your Turtle Stays Out of the Water, That Signals a Problem - Here Is What That Means

Can You Have Turtles and Fish in the same Tank link picture

Should You Add Fish To Your Turtle Tank? In My Opinion, Usually Not - Here's Why

Can a Turtle Go in a Fish Tank link picture

What's The Best Environment For a Turtle? This Is My Answer

Do Turtles Need Calcium link picture

A Lack of Calcium In Your Turtle's Diet Can Be Dangerous - Here's Why

Why is My Turtle Eating Rocks link picture

Turtles Sometimes Eat Rocks - Here's Why, And What You Should Do About It

How Often Do You Have to Clean a Turtle Tank link picture

Turtles Are Incredibly Messy - Here Is How Often You Will Need To Clean Your Tank

Is It True Turtles Actually Carry Deadly Salmonella link picture

Most Turtles Carry Salmonella - Here's What To Do About It

Do Turtles Have a Good Memory This is Mindblowing link picture

An Elephant Remember For A Lifetime - A Goldfish, 30 Seconds - And Turtles?

Why in the World do Turtles Pile On Top of Each Other link picture

Why Do Turtles Pile Up On Each Other? The Reason Is Quite Simple

Why is My Turtle Always Sleeping link picture

If Your Turtle Is Constantly Sleeping That's A Bad Sign - Here's What To Do

The Startling Truth Why Your Turtle Is Always Hungry link picture

Turtles Have A Bottomless Stomach - Here's The Startling Reason Why

Can You Drown a Turtle The Startling Truth link picture

Turtles Can Hold Their Breath A Long Time - But Can They Actually Drown? Find Out Here!

Why in the World is My Turtles Shell White link picture

A White Turtle Shell Is A Common Problem - Here Is How To Fix It

Just How Much Food Should I Feed My Turtle link picture

Your Turtle Keeps Begging For Food And You Wonder How Much Is Enough? Find Out Here

This is the Reason Your Turtle Tank Gets Cloudy link picture

A Cloudy Turtle Tank Is A Common Problem - Here Is How To Fix It

Feeder Fish for Turtles - What You Need to Know link picture

Giving Your Turtle Feeder Fish Can Be Dangerous - Here Is How To Do It The Right Way

Pet Turtle Diseases You Need to Know This link picture

Turtles Are Pretty Hardy But You Will Want Yours To Avoid These 6 Diseases!

Are Turtles Low Maintenance The Surprising Truth link picture

Some Turtle Species Are Easier To Maintain Than Others - Here Is What You Need To Know

This is the Best Turtle Basking Light Wattage link picture

If You Have A UV Light Make Sure You Follow These Simple Guidelines

The Startling Biggest Mistakes Pet Turtle Owners Make link picture

Pet Turtles Are Hardy But Can Suffer If You Make One Of These Mistakes

Can the Turtle Topper Fit on a 75 Gallon Tank link picture

Can A Turtle Topper Fit On A 75 Gallon Tank? Sometimes - Here Is How To Tell

How Long Can Turtles Live Without Food link picture

Turtles Can Go A Long Time Without Food - But How Long Is Too Long?

The Most Amazing Turtle Basking Platform Ideas link picture

Your Turtle Needs A Dock - Here Are Some Ideas

You Need to Know About UVB Lights for Turtles link picture

Turtles Need UV Light - This Is The Reason Why

What Do Turtles Eat link picture

You Might Think A Turtle's Diet Is Boring But You'd Be Wrong!

Just How is the Amazing Painted Turtle as a Pet link picture

The Painted Turtle Is One Of The Best Turtles For Beginners - Here Is Why

Turtle Shell Peeling This Will Blow Your Mind link picture

Turtle Peeling Is Natural - Here Is How To Recognize It And What To Do

Do You Know About These Pet Turtle Requirements link picture

Before You Go Buying A Turtle You Need To Know What It Will Require

The Cost of a Pet Turtle You Need to See This link picture

Pet Turtle Costs Can Quickly Add Up - Here Is What To Expect

What You Need to Know About Buying Turtles link picture

Before You Go Out And Buy A Turtle You Will Absolutely Need To Know This

Where in the World Can I Find Turtles link picture

Turtles Are One Of The Most Diverse Animal Species In The World - Here Is Where To Find Them