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Why Is My Turtle Aggressive featured image

Why Is My Turtle Aggressive? The Startling Truth!

If your turtle is behaving aggressively towards you it is most likely because it is either stressed or afraid. On the other hand, if you have a turtle acting aggressively towards other turtles, it is generally because of one of the following; cramped habitat space, competition over food, or a basking area, a mating ritual, or due to their aggressive nature.

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4 How To Safely Quarantine A Turtle featured picture

How To Safely Quarantine A Turtle

You will most likely either need to quarantine your pet turtle in a dry-dock if it’s injured or sick or quarantine it in a separate, smaller tank with water if you have recently acquired it. Essentially, this involves putting your turtle in a separate aquarium or box and raising the temperature a bit.

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