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Can Tortoises Eat Arugula

Can Tortoises Eat Arugula?

Every tortoise requires a proper diet that provides it with the vitamins and nutrients to grow healthy and strong. At some point, you will probably wonder what sort of foods are safe for your tortoise. While you can feed your tortoise a variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables, there are some that can be harmful. Read more

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tortoise hay

The Best Types of Hay for Tortoises

Is Hay Healthy for Tortoises? Tortoises benefit greatly from a diet high in foraging material, such as hay. This is far superior to fruits and vegetables, and much cheaper. Some well-known tortoise keepers recommend a diet for grassland species that contains up to 85 percent high-fiber foraging feed such as alfalfa hay, timothy hay, meadow Read more

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