Best Heat Lamp for Russian Tortoises

When it comes to pet care, it’s the responsibility of the pet owner to create an environment where your tortoise can thrive and stay healthy. While there are couple of ways to keep your Russian Tortoise warm, the best and most practicle way is with a heat lamp.

If you’re not sure about the best heat lamps for Russian tortoises, follow this article till the end because here you’ll come to know about the best products out there. While outdoor habitats don’t require one, all indoor Russian Tortoise habitats must have a heat lamp.

Before you purchase a heat lamp for your Russian Tortoise, it is important that you know why they’re needed and what to look for. The main function of a heat lamp is to:

  • Keep your tortoise’s basking spot warm
  • Emit BOTH UVA and UVB light

As you probably know, most reptiles are cold-blooded, so they need an external heating source to stay warm. Additionally, Russian Tortoises need both UVA and UVB light to aid their metabolism, mood, vitamin D intake, and sleep. This can help prevent tortoise shell pyramiding.

Therefore, it is essential that you get a good heat lamp for your Russian tortoise.

The Best Heat Lamp for Russian Tortoise

The best heat lamp for Russian Tortoises is the AXNAU Reptile Heat Lamp. It emits both UVA and UVB light and is very affordable.

AXNAU Reptile Heat Lamp

This is my favorite heat lamp for may reasons. It emits both UVA and UVB light, which is essential for the intake of Vitamin D3 and your tortoises metabolism. The lampshade is made out of ceramic, which does a great job of controlling the heat.

There is also a knob that lets you adjust both the brightness and temperature. This light can easily be clipped to any part of your enclosure, and the flexible goose neck cord makes it very easy to adjust the position.


  • Emits both UVA and UVB light
  • Comes with two bulbs
  • Easy to adjust and position
  • Very Cheap


  • Some customers complain that the bulb is too hot

Other good heat lamps for Russian Tortoises

Another option is to buy a light fixture with two bulb slots. This will allow you to put a UVA light bulb and a UVB bulb right next to each other. Below is my favorite light fixture and lamps.

REPTI ZOO Dual Heat Lighting Lamp Kit

REPTI ZOO has been producing quality products for tortoises for more than ten years. This easy to use light fixture is excellent for Russian tortoises. It has multiple integrations and can be used as daylight, nightlight, infrared spot lamp, etc. Moreover, this heat-resistant ceramic lamp lasts for years.

It has two power lines so that you can choose when to use each bulb. Moreover, you can easily hang it with a lamp stand. In addition, it has ventilating holes to ensure good heat dissipation.


  • Good heat dissipation, which improves Russian tortoise’s appetite.
  • Heavy-duty double hook
  • Effective product for long-term use
  • Easy to replace the burned-out bulbs
  • Two independently controlled power switches


  • Harder to position
  • Not cheap

MCLANZOO 2 Pack Heat Lamp for Russian Tortoise

Now you might be wondering, this UVA reptile heat lamp is only a bulb, so how this product can help your Russian tortoise to get the required heat. This product serves two functions. One is to provide lighting, and the second is to provide heat in the enclosure.

Moreover, this UVA bulb promotes the reptile’s appetite, helps them digest food, and warm themselves up. This lamp is easy to install and use. Moreover, you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the product.

Another thing that we love about this product is the UV rating that’s identical to the sun. So, you can use this bulb to heat your turtle’s habitat and provide them with a healthy environment.


  • Bulb lasts for a long time
  • Provides plenty of heat
  • Identical to natural sunlight
  • Works great and easy to install
  • It can be used in almost all settings


  • It only lasts for around 1000 hours, but it’s not a bad deal keeping the price in mind.

WACOOL Spiral Compact UVB Reptile Light

If you need a UVB light for your Russian Tortoise, I recommend the WACOOL Spiral Compact Light. It is a compact flourescent light, which means it will save a lot of energy. It is very durable, and should last almost 3,000 hours.

This lamp also comes with a UV sensor card which helps you test the UV level of the light. This can let you know when the light is starting to die. This light will help your tortoise synthesize Vitamin D3, which is essential for their shell and bone growth.


  • Provides UVB light to promote shell growth
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Very cheap
  • Energy efficient


  • Only 26 Watts, so not great if you have multiple tortoises

If you already have a basking light for your tortoise, you can use a tortoise heater instead of a heat lamp.

Do Russian Tortoise Need Heat?

Yes, Russian tortoises need a heating source. This is because tortoises cannot regulate their own body temperature, so they must rely on external sources. While Russian Tortoises are the Best Tortoise for Cold Climates, they are still cold-blooded and need a heat source.

Therefore, getting a heat lamp is essential so that your tortoise stays warm if you have an indoor tortoise enclosure. You should also make sure that your turtle has the right diet and vegetables, such as brussel sprouts.

If you were struggling to find the best heat lamps for your Russian tortoise, your struggle should end here. You can purchase any of the products mentioned above and provide your pet with much-needed heat and comfort.  

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