Can Tortoises Eat Arugula

Every tortoise requires a proper diet that provides it with the vitamins and nutrients to grow healthy and strong. At some point, you will probably wonder what sort of foods are safe for your tortoise. While you can feed your tortoise a variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables, there are some that can be harmful. Today’s article will cover if tortoises can eat arugula.

What is arugula?

Arugula, also known as garden rocket, is a widely available vegetable that tortoises enjoy. Like cauliflower and kale, it is a member of the Brassicaceae family and is commonly seen as a bitter-tasting leaf vegetable. It contains various vitamins and nutrients that help improve the health of those who consume it, which is why it is commonly found in salads and salad mixes.

Can Tortoises Eat Arugula?

Yes, tortoises can eat arugula. In fact, it has many essential nutrients and vitamins that are essential for your tortoise’s diet.

Is arugula healthy for tortoises?

Arugula has numerous advantages for both you and your tortoise. Arugula contains vitamins A, B, C, K, iron, copper, calcium, and potassium. Many of these vitamins and nutrients are required not only for tortoise growth but also for long-term health. It also improves biological processes and keeps the tortoises in peak condition.

While arugula is beneficial to your tortoise, it should be fed in moderation like any other vegetable, plant, or fruit. It’s also worth noting that arugula contains goitrogens, which can contribute to the formation of kidney and bladder stones if consumed in large quantities.

Because we wouldn’t want to harm our tortoises, it is better to feed them arugula in moderation. You should also avoid combining arugula with other goitrogenic plants, such as kale or collard greens. Ideally, you should feed your tortoise only one goitrogenic plant per meal.

This way, the compound’s consumption will not exceed safe levels. Because goitrogens can be found in a wide range of cruciferous vegetables, fruits, and starchy plants, it is preferred that you do your research ahead of time to ensure you are feeding your tortoise the safest foods possible.

What else should you feed your tortoise?

Tortoises need a varied diet to stay safe and healthy. It is critical to feed them plenty of leafy greens, but they can also eat fruits and vegetables on occasion. The goal should be to avoid feeding your tortoise the same foods daily. By changing your tortoise’s food frequently, you reduce the chances of your tortoise eating too much of one substance.

While it is best to ensure that the pet receives the essential vitamins from fresh vegetables and greens, mixing things up is always a good idea.

How much arugula should you feed your tortoise?

That also applies to arugula. While feeding your tortoise arugula at one meal is acceptable, you should only feed your tortoise arugula every couple days at the most. Giving this vegetable to your tortoise once a day is not necessarily harmful, but variety is always best. It will also teach the tortoise to appreciate a variety of foods rather than just a few.

Furthermore, when you offer arugula to your tortoise, a few leaves should suffice. The leaves should also be eaten alongside other greens, fruits, or vegetables simultaneously. You should know that tortoises can eat brussel sprouts.

You should also keep water next to your tortoise when feeding it arugula. Given that garden rockets may increase the risk of kidney stones, it is important that your tortoise has access to plenty of water. Hopefully, this keeps the urine diluted and any harmful compounds at bay by flushing them out regularly. While arugula is a plant composed of 90% water, you should still provide fresh water to your tortoise before, during, and after the meal. Aside from that, it should be soaked regularly.


Arugula can become a component of your tortoise’s diet if given in small amounts. There is a small chance that it raises the risk of kidney and bladder stones, which can be extremely painful and dangerous for your tortoise. To provide your tortoise with the nutrients it requires, combine garden rockets with other greens and safe ingredients. This ensures proper nutritional intake and prevents the tortoise from becoming picky and developing kidney stones.

We hope our article has solved your question on whether your tortoise can eat arugula. Now that you know our answer go and prepare some tasty meals for your wonderful tortoise!  

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