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how to remove mold in tortoise enclosure

Mold in Tortoise Enclosure: What to do?

Mold in tortoise enclosures is typical, especially among first-time tortoise owners. Mold thrives in moist environments. Since most turtle enclosures are kept humid for your turtle’s needs, mold can grow and become harmful to your reptilian friend. In this article, we’ll talk about why mold grows in tortoise enclosures and how you can prevent it Read more

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best tortoise humidifier

The Best Tortoise Humidifiers

It is your responsibility as a tortoise owner to keep your pets healthy. This includes providing a comfortable environment where they can live and grow successfully. This article will cover the best tortoise humidifiers to buy, the benefits of humidifiers, and how to choose a humidifier. Best Tortoise Humidifiers The 3 best tortoise humidifiers are the Read more

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