Predator Proof Outdoor Tortoise Enclosure

Tortoises prefer to live outside, where there is a constant breeze and warm sunlight on their backs. If you plan on keeping your tortoise outdoors, it is important to make their enclosure predator proof. In this article, we will review the best predator proof outdoor tortoise enclosures. We will also review other components to consider when choosing an enclosure.

Best Predator Proof Outdoor Tortoise Enclosure

The best predator proof outdoor tortoise enclosures are the PetOnline House, Magshion Wooden House, and the Aivituvin Tortoise Habitat.

PetOnline Small Animal House & Habitat

This outdoor enclosure provides ample amount of room for your tortoise. It is great if you have multiple tortoises. It is 71 inches long, 39 inches wide, and 19 inches tall.

The enclosure is made of high-quality fir wood and metal, making it long-lasting. It is also made of weather-resistant materials and has tight wire spacing to keep your tortoise safe from predators.

This enclosure has an asphalt roof, protecting your tortoise from rain and providing good ventilation. It also has no bottom, so your tortoise can graze in the grass. It also has a lockable top hatch, and a side door for easy cleaning and refilling food and water.

Magshion Spacious Wooden Pet House

If you have a smaller tortoise, the Magshion is another good choice for a predator proof enclosure. It is made from acrylic and fir wood, making it sturdy and long lasting. There are two sections.

The first is a large area for your tortoise to walk around, graze and bask in the sun. The second is an enclosed area that is weather-proof and provides a dark spot for your tortoise. This enclosure has a lockable top hatch that can be opened and closed for easy cleaning, food, water refilling, etc.

Aivituvin Large Tortoise Habitat

The Aivituvin is another great predator proof tortoise enclosure. It is made of metal and fir wood, making it ideal for keeping your tortoise outside. It also has two spaces; an enclosed and open space.  To keep moisture off the floors, the enclosed space has a water-resistant PVC layer.

For the open space, your tortoise can roam around the grass, as it has no bottom. The Aivituvin Large Tortoise Habitat has reinforced wire and high-quality latches to keep your tortoise safe and predators out. It also has side doors and a top hatch for easy access to clean, feed, and perform other tasks.

What to put in your tortoise enclosure?

When assembling your tortoise’s outdoor enclosure, you can provide a thick substrate of sand, soil, and composted leaves, as many tortoise species enjoy digging and burying. You can also add plants and accessories like bridges, sticks, and so on.

I also recommend that you add straw or hay bedding, but change it out frequently because moldy bedding can cause dermatitis in your tortoise. You can also add furniture such as caves and tunnels and food and water bowls to ensure your tortoise is happy and healthy in its outdoor enclosure.

Making your enclosure predator proof will also decrease the chances that your tortoise can escape. If they do run away, you can check out my article on how to find a lot tortoise.

Factors to consider when choosing an outdoor tortoise enclosure

When it comes to outdoor tortoise enclosures, there are many options on the market. When purchasing an outdoor tortoise enclosure, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Size –Your tortoise will prefer a larger space because they are free to roam wherever they want in the wild. However, if you have a baby or a small-sized tortoise, a large space may cause you to lose sight of them. The recommended enclosure size for a pair of adult tortoises is 10ft x 20ft, but this can vary depending on the available space. A large enclosure can help prevent tortoise pyramiding. You should also ensure that the enclosure is large enough to accommodate water/food bowls, toys, and hiding spots.
  • Easy Access –When purchasing a tortoise enclosure, look for one with a top hatch or wide doors for easy cleaning and access. While having an easily accessible enclosure is ideal, you should also make sure that the doors have locks to prevent large animals from entering and your tortoises from attempting to escape.
  • Location – I recommend that you put the enclosure near your house. It will save you time when you need to tend to it. You should avoid an area near the woods since it could entice predators to approach it. I also recommend putting it in a spot that receives some direct sunlight, but also has some shade.
  • Escape Proof –While your enclosure should be easy to access for you, it should not be easy for your tortoise to escape. Tortoises are known escape artists, so your enclosure should have high enough walls to prevent them from climbing out.


Most tortoises prefer to live in warmer climates. If you live in a cold region where temperatures regularly fall below 50 degrees fahrenheight, you should provide your tortoise with an indoor tortoise enclosure. If you reside in a warmer climate, however, having an outdoor enclosure is ideal!

The best tortoise enclosures are optimal in size and have plenty of space for your pets to get some sunlight and darkness to rest and sleep. Hopefully, this article helped determine the best predator proof outdoor tortoise enclosure for you!