toys for red eared slider

Having a red-eared slider can be fun and interesting because they are more interactive with humans than other turtle species. There are several ways to keep a red-eared slider happy.

The first is to give it plenty of space to swim. The second is to keep its habitat clean. The third is to provide it with healthy food and love. Finally, the fourth is to give it plenty of enrichment such as toys to keep it happy. This article will go over the best toys for a red-eared slider. Continue reading to find out more!

Best Toys for a Red Eared Slider

The best toys for a red-eared slider are the turtle skateboard, a floating turtle feeder, floating logs, roller balls, and bath toys.

Turtle Skateboard

skateboard for turtle

This is by far the coolest toy you can get for your red-eared slider. You can get it here for around $20.

It allows you to strap your turtle in and give them the ride of a life time.

Another way to provide enrichment for your red-eared slider is to take them outside. Below is a video where I take my turtle to the park.

Zoo Med Laboratories Floating Turtle Feeder

toy for turtle feeding

Feeding time for your red-eared slider is made more enjoyable with this floating fish-shaped feeder. When bumped, it releases turtle food pellets and teaches your turtle how to forage for food as if it were out in nature. You can buy it here for around $10.

It is a great way to provide enrichment for your turtle while keeping your tank clean because all of the food is in one place! You don’t have to be concerned about the material because it’s made of solid plastic, which means it won’t break while your turtle plays with or bites it. It is also quite big, so it may not be suitable for younger turtles, but it is certainly a great toy for turtles larger than 4 inches.

Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log

floating log for turtle

This natural-looking floating log provides turtles with comfort and enrichment. Turtles enjoy anything that floats because they can sink it or push it around the tank. Turtles will also enjoy basking on the log’s surface or swimming around inside it. The log is made of easy-to-clean resin and is bottom-weighted, allowing turtles to climb on top without rolling over.

JW HOL-EE Roller Ball

roller ball for turtles

While this ball is marketed for dogs, it is a toy that your red-eared slider would also enjoy. The JW HOL-EE Roller Ball is a puzzle ball made of soft, stretchy rubber. It comes in various sizes, so I’m confident you’ll find one that’s just right for your turtle. You can stuff the ball with turtle food to pique its interest. Your turtles will have a lot of fun playing with this ball, and it will keep them busy for a while.

Jomyfant Bath Toys

floating toys for turtle

Jomyfant Bath Toys are adorable rubber bath toys that light up when submerged in water. They come in various colors and shapes and are safe for turtles. These toys should provide great enrichment for your turtle, especially if you have a baby red-eared slider.

One disadvantage is that once the toy’s battery is depleted, it cannot be replaced, which means you will have to buy new ones.

While it’s not technically a toy, a great way to stimulate your turtle’s diet is to feed them live feeder fish.

Toy ideas for turtles

While there aren’t many “turtle-specific” toys on the market, turtles enjoy playing with various objects. Some examples are as follows:

  1. Small Kid Toys – Any brightly colored kid’s toy can be used as a toy for your turtle, as long as there are no parts that can easily come off that your turtle could ingest. Your turtle will continue to enjoy pushing the toys around in the tank.
  2. Shells – Turtles enjoy playing with empty shells. This is a natural turtle toy because turtles enjoy chasing, flipping, and investigating them.
  3. Sticks, Rocks, and Plants – Turtles are naturally inquisitive creatures who will play with anything you put in their tank. You can be sure that your turtle will enjoy playing with it as long as it is something they can investigate.
  4. Live Fish and Shrimp – Feeding your turtle feeder fish and shrimp can provide it with mental stimulation and exercise from the challenge of chasing and catching its food. You can be confident that providing live fish and shrimp to your red-eared slider will provide it with the enrichment it requires.

Why turtles need toys/enrichment

Enrichment is a broad term that describes how an animal’s life is improved. Toys, interactions, and playing can all be used to provide enrichment in your red-eared slider’s habitat! Enriching your turtle’s life with various stimuli and activities keeps them from becoming bored.

A bored turtle can become destructive or unhealthy. When most turtles are bored, they can become stressed or depressed, leading to more serious health problems. All animals, including turtles, require enrichment to live full and happy lives.


We want our turtles to be happy and healthy as owners. Like any other animal, turtles can become bored if there are no activities in their tank. It is critical that you provide enough stimulation to keep your red-eared slider physically active and curious.

I am confident that by combining some fun toys with a clean tank, good food, and a nice environment, your red-eared slider will grow to be a happy and healthy turtle. Have fun with your red-eared slider!