Best Bedding for Tortoise

Bedding is a very important component of a tortoise’s habitat. The best bedding for tortoises will ensure that they live in a clean and comfortable environment.

Moreover, tortoise bedding plays a crucial role in maintaining a tortoise’s well-being and longevity. There are so many bedding options available for tortoises, so it can be a challenge to choose the safe and perfect one for your pet. A wrong selection can affect the digestive system of a tortoise and other help problems.

What type of bedding should you get for a tortoise?

The bedding in a tortoise habitat should do the following:

  • Be able to hold moisture and prevent mold in your tortoise enclosure
  • Be loose enough so your turtle can dig into it
  • Is soft and doesn’t hurt your tortoise when they step or lay on it
  • Is edible if your tortoise accidently eats some of it

It’s not easy for beginners to choose the right bedding for tortoise. Therefore, we have decided to compile a list for you so that you can choose the best one for your pet.

Best Bedding for Tortoise

The best bedding for a tortoise is the Zoo Med Coconut Fiber, Reptichip, Zoo Med Forest Floor, Flucker Natural, and Coconut Carpet Substrate.

Zoo Med Loose Coconut Fiber Substrate

Zoo Med is known for producing turtle-friendly products. This all-natural fiber is great because it is very soft and great at absorbing moisture.

This bedding is very loose and your tortoise will easily be able to move it around and dig in it. You can purchase 2 8 quart bags on amazon.


  • Eco-friendly option
  • Very soft and easy to dig through
  • Great at absorbing moisture


  • Only available online
  • Not cheap

ReptiChip Coconut Substrate for Tortoise Bedding

If you want to form a tropical paradise for turtles in their reptile terrariums, purchase this coconut substrate for tortoises. It is excellent at retaining moisture, and is absolutely safe if your tortoise happens to eat some of it.

It is dust-free and very easy to clean. You must add water to it to cause the chips to expand before you put it in your tortoise’s habitat.

The only downside is that the chips are not very soft. Your tortoise might not like this texture, so I suggest buying a small portion first to make sure your tortoise likes it.


  • Natural and safe if ingested
  • 100% organic and eco-friendly
  • It prevents your home from bad smells


  • It’s an expensive product
  • The chips can be uncomfortable for your tortoise

Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding for Tortoise

Another Zoo Med product, the Forest Floor bedding is another great option for tortoise bedding. It is very soft and will be easy for your tortoise to dig through.

It is also great if you plan to have live plants in your tortoise’s habitat.

If your tortoise has been picky with bedding in the past, this is a good option to try.


  • Very soft
  • Absorbs water nicely
  • Resistant to mold and mildew and good for growing plants


  • It’s not entirely dust-free, and you need to replace it every 6 months

Flucker Natural Bedding for Tortoise

After Zoo Med, Flucker is also a well-known brand for producing high-quality substrate for tortoise bedding. This product is made from all-natural bark. Therefore, it’s environment-friendly and perfectly safe for the overall health of a tortoise.

If you’re struggling to control excess moisture in the turtle tank, use this substrate because it’s a very effective absorbing agent. It can help maintain the ideal humidity level, and it is also great at absorbing bad odors.

It has a mild and natural fragrance that reduces bad odors. Before you put this substrate in your enclosure, I suggest that you remove any of the sharp chips.


  • Good product for maintaining humidity
  • Very cheap
  • It can also be used to grow live plants
  • Absorbs moisture and odor


  • Might become moldy if it absorbs too much moisture

Coconut Fiber Substrate Carpet For Tortoises

Last on the list is the coconut fiber substrate carpet. As the name entails, this is a think layer substrate that you put along the floor of your tortoise’s enclosure. While it is not the best for a tortoise that likes to dig, it is very soft and is great at absorbing moisture.

It is resistant to dirt and therefore very easy to clean. This bedding is also eco friendly, so there is no need to worry if your tortoise eats some of it. It is able to maintain it’s shape pretty well, so it can last for a long time.


  • Easy to clean
  • Cheap
  • Soft


  • Not great if your tortoise likes to dig

How much bedding should you have for your tortoise?

Your tortoise should have around 2-3 inches of bedding in their enclosure. You want to make sure there is enough bedding so your tortoise can dig and bury themselves if they want to. This helps them regulate their body temperature.

Things to Consider When Choosing Best Bedding for Tortoise

If you are concerned about price, the best place to choose a bedding for your tortoise is on amazon. They have a wide range of products that will work great for your tortoise. You also want to make sure that the bedding is dust free and non-toxic.

Luckily, all the products mentioned above fulfill these conditions, and you can choose any one of these products. I don’t suggest getting your own bedding from outside, as it might contain bugs and other harmful parasites.

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