36 x 18 Aquarium Stands

It is important to invest in a quality aquarium stand for your tank. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find an affordable aquarium stand. Today’s article will focus on the best and cheapest 36 by 18 inch aquarium stands. These are great for tanks that are around 40 gallons.

36 x 18 Aquarium Stands

The best 36 x 18 aquarium stands are the Imagitarium metal stand and the Aquatic Fundamentals stand. You can also use a 36 x 18 dresser.

Imagitarium metal stand

This aquarium stand is 36.5 by 18.5 inches. This makes it a perfect aquarium stand for a 40 gallon tank. It is made out of strong steel that provides more than enough support for an aquarium.

Another feature that I like is the adjustable feet. This allows you to adjust the height of the stand to make sure everything is level. The black elegant design allows this stand to blend in with any room.

This is also the cheapest aquarium stand on the list. At the time of this writing, it costs around $117. You can buy it on amazon or on Petco.

Aquatic Fundamentals stand

Another great 36 x 18 aquarium stand is the Aquatic Fundamentals aquarium stand. It’s exact dimensions are 37.4 inches by 19.4 inches, and it is 28.3 inches tall. While this stand is made out of wood, it is still more than strong enough to hold an aquarium full of water. The wood is also coated in a water resistant primer.

What I really like about this stand is that there is a door in the middle that you can open up. This makes the stand a great place for storage. It’s also a good place to put a canister filter.

The only true downside of this stand is that it is pretty expensive. Currently, the stand costs around $270 on petco.

Aside from aquarium stands, you can also put your aquarium on top of a dresser. While dressers usually cost more money, they provide room for storage and can help add to the aesthetic of your room.

36 x 18 Dresser Aquarium Stand

The two best dressers that you can use as 36 x 18 aquarium stands are the Progressive Diego Chest and the Progressive Athena Chest.

Progressive Diego Chest

Made from a beautiful pine wood, this stylish dresser has dimensions of 36″ x 18″ and a height of 52″, which is perfect for a 40 gallon aquarium.

Currently, this dressers costs around $550. While it is a lot of money, it is very high quality.

Progressive Athena Chest

This dresser also has dimensions of 36 by 18 inches, and has a height of 53 inches. While I personally like the design of the Diego chest more, this dresser still has a nice sleek design. It can also easily support an aquarium.


I hope this article helped give you some ideas for a 36 x 18 aquarium stand. While it is an expensive endeavor, there are some good quality stands that are affordable. If you are in the market for a tank, check out my article on the best cheap tanks.