show me snakes review

Show Me Snakes: Durham Show Review

This past Sunday we went and checked out one of the most popular reptile shows on tour: Show Me Snakes

The venue was full of reptile and rodent vendors from all over the state. From snakes, lizards, tortoises, to bearded dragons, they really had it all. Below is a quick video with some highlights from the show.

Now for pictures, its only right that the Turtleholic starts with the pictures of the two adorable Aldabra giant tortoises. They were brought by A&B Exotics.

aldabra giant tortoise

A&B Exotics also brought a really cool Water Monitor Lizard, who seemed to be a fan favorite. He stayed perched up on the driftwood stand the entire time.

Reptile Collective had a nice variety of pythons and other snakes.

Taking Up Serpents also had a nice variety of snakes.

Here are the rest of the pictures we took from the show.

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