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2 why do turtles move so slow

Why Do Turtles Move So Slow?

Why Do Turtles Move So Slow Arе turtles rеаllу that slow? Arе they thе ѕlоwеѕt bеіngѕ оn thе planet? You may have heard thеm referred tо аѕ “very ѕlоw” over thе уеаrѕ. You have also probably heard of the infamous the tortoise and the hare story. In today’s article, we will discuss exactly why turtles […]

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what sound does a turtle make

What Sound Does a Turtle Make?

Turtle Noises  Have you ever heard your turtle make a noise or sound? Do turtles make a noise when they mate? Do they vary by species? You may think that turtles don’t make noises, but recent research says otherwise.  It is fairly uncommon knowledge, even for turtle owners, that turtles can actually make sounds. Most […]

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do turtles have brains

Are Turtles Smart? Do Turtles Have Brains?

Turtle Intelligence  Do turtles have brains similar to humans and other animals? How complex are their brain capabilities? Are they trainable and able to solve problems? What about their ability to remember events? We will delve into all of these fascinating questions in this article as we evaluate and review the evolution of the turtle’s […]

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Where Do Turtles Go in the Winter

Where Do Turtles Go in the Winter?

As amphibians, turtles are one of the few species of vertebrates that are able to survive on both land and water. I get asked many questions about this topic, such as how turtles swim or  how turtles breathe underwater. One question I am frequently asked is what do turtles do in the winter? Do they […]

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How Hard Is A Turtle Shell

How Hard Is A Turtle Shell?

A turtle’s shell is one of the more unique evolutionary traits when it comes to reptiles. Formed over millions of years, the shell provides an excellent defense mechanism against predators. Since turtles generally lack speed and agility, their shells are a very important defense mechanism that keeps them alive. In today’s article, we are going […]

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where to buy turtle food online

Why I Prefer Shopping at Chewy for My Turtle Food

I am frequently asked where I buy food for my turtle. When I first started out, I bought my tank from a local PetSmart, along with some decorations, food, UVB light, and a filter. While I was able to get started with just this material, I quickly realized that keeping a turtle happy and healthy […]

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