Land Plants that can Grow in Aquariums

Not all plants that can grow and thrive in aquariums have to be aquatic plants. In fact, many land plants make great additions to aquariums and can help keep your aquarium water clean. In this article, we’ll discuss several popular land plants that can also grow in aquariums.

The plants in this article are relatively beginner friendly and easy to obtain, making them accessible to a wide range of skill sets. 

Land Plants that can Grow in Aquariums

The best land plants that can grow in aquariums include Peace Lilies, Lucky Bamboo, Devil’s Ivy, and Spider Plant.

Peace Lilies 

land plant for aquarium peace lillies

Peace lilies make an excellent addition to any aquarium. They are very beautiful plants with large, dark green leaves. There is also white flower that bloom from the plant. They can reach heights of up to 20 inches, so you might need to trim them.

Peace lilies are also quite beneficial for the aquarium’s ecosystem. The roots of peace lily plants act as filtration systems and clean the water in the tank.

They additionally can act as shelter for the fish in the aquarium and even provide a safe place for creatures to place their eggs. It is not uncommon to find snail eggs attached to the roots of peace lilies in aquatic environments.

Peace lilies in aquariums are quite easy to take care of and can last years if cared for properly. Through some simple maintenance and root trimming, anyone can grow a Peace lily plant in their aquarium. 

If you are nervous about putting a land plant in your aquarium, you can also try putting java moss on driftwood. I did this and made an underwater bonsai tree. You can learn how to do this in my video below.

Lucky Bamboo

lucky bamboo land plant for aquarium

Lucky bamboo is another land plant that can thrive in aquatic environments. It has large skinny stems that turn into large, light green leaves.

This plant can either be partially or completely submerged in the aquarium. Lucky bamboo is very easy to maintain and care for, as it only grows vertically.

It only needs to be trimmed about once or twice a year, so it is a very nonchalant plant. Lucky bamboo does, however, thrive in conditions of high oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. These conditions can easily be met through supplements like air bladders and carbon-dioxide canisters.

Overall, this plant is very aesthetically pleasing and will make an excellent addition to an aquatic tank. It is relatively easy to care for and not very demanding. 

Devil’s Ivy 

devils ivy for aquarium

Devil’s Ivy, or pothos, is a land plant that is commonly used in aquariums. These plants are incredibly durable and are able to survive in many varying conditions. The sprout plenty of large, wide green leaves.

They make excellent aquatic additions, especially for those who are less experienced. It is also incredibly easy to start caring for your own devil’s Ivy, as the plant only requires a single leaf to begin growing.

When it is mature, this plant forms a vine-like structure with long roots. It is very beneficial for the health of your tank overall as it is an excellent natural filtration system. The only downside to Devil’s Ivy is that it is toxic to household pets like cats and dogs. 

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Spider Plant 

spider plant for aquarium

Spider plants are known for being some of the easiest plants to grow. The plant features long skinny leaves that can reach heights of up to 15 inches. They are quite beginner-friendly even for those who are aiming to grow them in water rather than on land.

It is important to know that this plant will only grow in an aquatic environment if it only has its roots submerged. The leaves and foliage of the plant need to be kept out of the water in order for it to remain healthy.

They are a great option if you have a turtle, because your turtle can eat the plant. I suggest you put it somewhere near its basking spot. If you want some other plant options, you should check out my guide on the best plants for turtle tanks.

Aside form the leaves needing to be above water, the plant is pretty easy to grow and maintain. Spider plants are excellent natural filtration systems and are great at cleaning the air of nitrates. It is also very beautiful and will definitely improve the look of your aquarium.

It comes in tons of different colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find a Spider plant that you love. 

Final Thoughts 

Land plants can actually make excellent additions to aquariums. There is a vast variety of land plants that will grow and thrive in aquatic environments. The few that we have discussed in this article, Peace Lilies, Lucky Bamboo, Devil’s Ivy, and Spider Plant, are just some of the many land plants that you can incorporate into your aquarium.

Aside from adding a cool aesthetic, plants are beneficial to your aquarium because they help reduce the concentration of harmful chemicals such as nitrates. They also help increase the oxygen level in your aquarium water.

If you’re curious if a specific plant will survive in an aquarium, don’t be afraid to do some research! You may be surprised by what you find.

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