Turtle Species

Have you ever wanted to know just a little bit more about a particular species? Perfect! That is exactly what this page is all about!

This is the Spectacular Box Turtle picture link

The Box Turtle Has Become Incredibly Popular Over the Past Decade

This is the Common Musk Turtle picture link

The Common Musk Turtle is Also Known as the Stinkpot -  Can You Guess Why?

This is the Eastern Box Turtle picture link

The Eastern Box Turtle is a Popular, But Not Easy Turtle to Take Care of

This is the Delightful Northern Map Turtle picture link

The Secretive Northern Map Turtle Has Quite the Devoted Following!

This is the Daring Mud Turtle picture link

The Mud Turtle is One of the Most Popular, And Smallest Pet Turtles in the United States

Thrilling Leatherback Turtle Link Picture

The Leatherback Turtle Has Roamed Earth for Millions of Years But Now Faces Extinction

This is the Mammoth Loggerhead picture link

Did You Know The Loggerhead Sea Turtle Is So Named Because of Its Massive Head?

This is the Wood Turtle picture link

The Wood Turtle Is An Excellent Pet Turtle For Novices and Experts Alike

This is the Painted Turtle picture link

With Their Brightly-Colored Markings, Painted Turtles Are Extremely Popular Pets

This is the Keeled Box Turtle picture link

The Keeled Box Turtle is Native to Asia, But Quite Common in North America Homes

This is the Amazing Red Eared Slider picture link

The Most Popular Pet Turtle of All Time, These Creatures Are Amazing!

Did You Know This About Sea Turtles picture link

Sea Turtles Have Been Around For Over 200 Million Years - Learn More

Small Turtles This is Amazing picture link

There Are Lots of Small Turtles, But Which One is the Tiniest?

Large Turtles This is Astonishing picture link

These Mind-Blowing Large Turtle Facts Will Leave Your Astonished!