Turtle Talk with Crush is one of my favorite attractions in Disney World, and it is the perfect show for young children, particularly if you want a break from the Epcot heat and want to enjoy a nice air conditioned indoor attraction.

It is a fully interactive attraction and allows guests to chat with Crush and learn everything there is about turtles, sea life, and much more. Crush communicates with the audience in a hysterical fashion and even adults will have fun at the showing. The more engaged and creative the audience is, the better the show!

The show first launched in 2004 at the Orlando park. However, it is now featured on Disney cruise lines, as well as at Disney’s California Adventure Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tokyo DisneySea.

While you are waiting for the show there is even a mini aquarium and plenty of information on marine biology and ocean ecosystems that are a great way to let your kids learn in a fun setting.

Where can I talk to Crush the turtle?

The original Turtle Talk with Crush is located on the first floor of the Seas Pavilion in Epcot. It is right next to the Finding Nemo Attraction. Make sure to check a Disney schedule ahead of time but it typically has showings all throughout the day.

How does Disney do Turtle Talk with Crush: How does it work?

The first time I saw the show I was truly impressed with the engaging improv and animation. Although Crush appears as an animation, he interacts with the guests in real time as if you were right there with him.

It works using a form of digital puppetry that allows the controllers to interact with the crowd and have his voice perfectly lip-synched based on everything the Crush actor is saying. This allows the interactions to look incredibly natural and even enables Crush to move back and forth on the screen depending on who he is taking questions from.

The voice actor has a full view of the audience and can engage fully with the room.

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Who voices Crush the turtle at Disney World?

Tommy Arciniega is currently the main voice for Turtle Talk with Crush. Every now and then he may bring friends out. These friends include a whale, or Dori which are both voiced by other Disney staff members.

How long is the Turtle Talk with Crush attraction?

Turtle Talk with Crush is 15 minutes long.

Top video clips of Turtle Talk with Crush:

Below are some of the best video clips from Turtle Talk with Crush.

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