My Recommendations

Turtles are fairly resilient, tough creatures but that doesn't mean it's always easy, or cheap, to take care of them.

A few notes about this page:

  1. I don’t have any relationship whatsoever with the companies that create, produce and market these products. These are all products that I feel comfortable recommending as I use them myself.
  2. I have always tried to find the best balance between cost and bang for your buck, as much as possible. I understand that starting out, costs can add up and you don't necessarily want to go all out on your first turtle.
Best Turtle Filter

If You Have an Aquatic Turtle, You Will Need a Filter - This is My Pick for Best Turtle Filter

Best Underwater Heater

I Have Used Quite a Few of These Before - This is My Pick for Best Underwater Heater

Best Power Filter

Canister Filters Are Better for Turtles Than Power Filters But Sometimes These Work Well

Best Turtle Dock

Aquatic Turtles Will Need a Dock to Bask - This is My Pick for Best Turtle Dock

Best Turtle Light Bulb

Your Turtle Needs UV Light to Stay Healthy - This is my Pick for Best Turtle Light Bulb

Best Automatic Turtle Feeder

Automatic Turtle Feeders Are More a Luxury Than Necessity But Sometimes They Are Handy

Best Food Aquatic Turtles link picture

If You Feed Your Aquatic Turtle Just Two Of These Foods, It Will Pay Dividends For Their Health

Best Substrate for Box Turtles

If You Have a Box Turtle You Will Need Substrate - These Are My Favorite Substrates for Box Turtles

Plants for Turtle Tanks You Need to Know This link picture

Adding A Plant Can Really Spice Up Your Turtle Tank - But Which Plant Works Best? Find Out Here

Best Turtle Food

A Good Turtle Needs to Have the Right Nutrients, Not Get Soggy Quickly and Be Easy to Eat - This is My Pick for Best Turtle Food

Best Cuttlebone for Turtles

A Cuttlebone Is An Excellent Source of Calcium for Aquatic Turtles - This is My Recommendation

Best Tank for Turtles

One of the Most Important Decisions You Will Make - You Will Need to Get This Right