DIY Turtle Basking Area

If you want to get creative for your turtle’s basking area, there are plenty of different ways to make one by yourself. Not only will it be a fun craft activity, but you can also save money. In today’s article, I will review some of the best diy turtle basking area designs.

DIY turtle basking area

Some easy diy turtle basking platform ideas include the plastic bin method and the egg crate box. Both are easy and cheap to make.

If you want to buy a pre-made one, check out my guide on turtle basking platforms.

Making a turtle basking platform with a plastic storage bin

This method is very cheap an easy. It requires a plastic bin, zip ties, and ideally a drill. You can see a video from the turtle girl for a step by step guide.

Step 1: Cut a large rectangle out of the bin

cutting out turtle basking platform

Using scissors or a box cutter, carefully cut a rectangle out of the plastic bin. Make sure that the wideth of the rectangle is bigger than the width of your turtle.

You also want to make the cut so the rectangle is cut about an inch into the bottom of the bin like this:

cutting box

Step 2: Cut out the ramp extension

Next, you will want to cut out a rectangle form the lid of the plastic bin. This will serve as the actual ramp to the basking platform. You want to make sure that the ramp is the same width as the rectangle you cut in the box.

cutting out turtle basking platform ramp

Step 3: Attaching the ramp to the box

Next, you will want to line the ramp piece up with the rectangular hole in the box.

turtle diy platform

Once you have it lined up, you will need to drill holes through both the ramp and the bottom of the container box. Make sure the holes are aligned. Ideally you should use a drill, but if you don’t have one, you can try to make a hole with scissors or a sharp knife.

drilling holes

I suggest making at least 4 holes across. After the holes are drilled, you will run zip ties through the wholes to attach the ramp to the box.

After you attach the ramp, you can move to the last step.

Step 4: Ramp support

The last step is to add some support to the ramp so it doesn’t become to floppy. All you have to do is drill a hole in the top of the box, and then a hole in the front corners of the ramp. Then, make a rope of three zip ties, and then connect the two holes. It should look this:

diy turtle basking platform

Make sure you do this on both corners of the ramp.

If the ramp is too slippery for your turtle, you might need to attach a mesh to the ramp to provide more grip.

After the basking platform is complete, you can simply put the box on top of your tank. Just make sure that the ramp extends at least one to two inches into the water.

You can attach your turtle basking light directly to the box, or directly to your tank.

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Egg crate cheap diy turtle basking platform

This second design is also a easy can cheap diy turtle basking area design. For this platform, you will need egg crates, pliers, and zip ties.

Step 1: Measure and cut top/bottom pieces

First, you will want to measure the width of you turtle tank. You can do this with a ruler, or you can just rest the egg crate on top of the tank and mark the edges. Once you have the width, you will want to cut two rectangles in the egg crate that are the same width as your turtle tank. I suggest you use pliers to cut them out.

The goal is to cut the egg crate so that it can sit perfectly on top of your tank like this:

bottom piece

Step 2: Cut out the other sides of the box and connect with zip ties

After you have the top and bottom pieces cut off, you will also want to cut out side pieces so you can make a box out of the egg crates. Make sure you carefully measure the pieces before you cut them.

cutting box

After you have the shape of the box cut out, you will connect the sides together with zip ties. You will want to connect all of the sides except for the bottom piece, which should stay off by itself for now. Once you have everything connected (aside from the bottom), it should look like this:

rectangle box

Step 3: Make the ramp out of the bottom piece

Next, you will want to cut out a decently sized rectangle from the bottom piece. Make sure the rectangle is wider than the width of your turtle.

cut out egg crate

Now you will reattach the cut out square to the bottom. However, you will angle the piece so that it drops down under the rest of the bottom. You will then use zip ties to attach the piece.

attaching ramp

Once the ramp is attached to the bottom piece, you will attach the entire bottom piece to the rest of the other pieces in the cube. Then you set the entire platform on top of your tank.

The final product should look like this:

diy turtle basking platform

Keep in mind that you can decorate this platform by putting green turf on the bottom. This will improve the aesthetics of the platform, and it will be more comfortable for your turtle.

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