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Can Tortoises Eat Sunflower Leaves

Can Tortoises Eat Sunflower Leaves?

If you’re a gardener living in an area where sunflowers grow, you’re probably wondering if you can feed your tortoise these beautiful yellow flowers and their leaves. In this article, we hope to help you answer this question. to learn more! Weeds and flowers make up a tortoise’s natural diet. It is critical […]

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Can Tortoises Eat Kiwi and Kiwi Skin

Can Tortoises Eat Kiwi and Kiwi Skin?

Fruits have been referred to as “junk food for tortoises,” and this isn’t far off from the truth. However, I’m sure your tortoise would enjoy some fruits as a treat every now and then. Tortoises can be fed a variety of fruits, but this article will focus on kiwis! This article will answer your questions […]

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Can Tortoises Eat Broccoli Stalks

Can Tortoises Eat Broccoli Stalks?

Because of the various foods that can be included in a tortoise’s diet, tortoises may be the easiest animals to please when it comes to food. Tortoises can consume almost any plant, flower, vegetable, or fruit that humans can consume. Most of what they eat can be found in nature, in your garden, or at your local […]

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Can Tortoises Eat Bindweed?

Can Tortoises Eat Bindweed?

Bindweed is a group of plants from the genera Convolvulus and Calystegia that are typically twining, weedy, and produce attractive white, pink, or blue funnel-shaped blooms. This twining perennial is found in hedges, forests, and roadsides. It grows from creeping underground stems.  Several Convolvulus species are common or noticeable. It can be a nuisance in […]

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best snails for turtle tank

Best Snails for Turtle Tank

Turtle tanks have space for many things, such as plants, ornaments, and even other animals. A mate for your turtle can add to your tanks aesthetics, and help keep your turtle active. However, there are a few things to consider before adding any other animal to a turtle tank. You should consider many factors, but […]

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can tortoises eat Brussel sprouts

Can Tortoises Eat Brussel Sprouts?

One of the most important things you must monitor with a pet tortoises is their diet. Not only do you need to control what to feed your tortoise, but also what you can and cannot feed your tortoise. Tortoises enjoy a wide range of plant-based foods. Vegetables are one of the main sources of food […]

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best food for hatchling turtles

Best Food for Hatchling Turtles

While hatchling turtles are adorable and appear easy to care for, it is important to do your research before your get one. The care of hatchling turtles differs greatly from that of fully grown turtles. This is because hatchlings require more attention and care, and they are more susceptible to diseases and germs. Without a […]

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ornate wood turtle

Ornate Wood Turtle

Ornate Wood Turtle The ornate wood turtle is a beautiful and fascinating creature that makes for a great pet. It can live up to 30 years in captivity, making it a long-term commitment. Some of the most exciting facts about these turtles are that they have been used as food by some cultures. Their coloration […]

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