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Can Turtles Eat Watermelon

Can Turtles Eat Watermelon?

Does your turtle love watermelon? Have you ever wondered if it is safe for turtles? Well you have come to the right place. For starters, yes, turtles can eat watermelon. They are delicious and fine for turtles in small quantities. In this blog, we will look at everything you should consider in terms of feeding […]

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2 turtle tank setup ideas

Turtle Tank Setup Ideas

Have you decided to bring home a pet turtle? Congratulations, you picked one of the coolest pets possible! Turtles are fascinating creatures and make excellent pets and little companions. They usually are quiet, gentle, and shy. Beste of all, you will not need to break the bank in order to keep and maintain a turtle. […]

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how to take care of a turtle

How to Take Care of a Turtle?

There are approximately 356 species of turtles and thirteen families in the order. Some are land dwellers, some are aquatic, while some are semi-aquatic and spend time in both places. When you bring home a turtle, you are committing to a long-term relationship. Taking care of a turtle involves giving him food, clean tank water, […]

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How Much Are Baby Turtles

How Much Are Baby Turtles?

Baby turtles are adorable creatures that make amazing pets. If you are thinking about getting a baby turtle, the first thing that comes to mind is likely the baby turtle price. Here is what we have learned about how much baby turtles cost. How much are baby turtles? The price of a baby turtle can […]

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How Big Do Box Turtles Get

How Big Do Box Turtles Get?

If you own a box turtle, you might be wondering how big do box turtles get? Box turtles normally grow up to 5 – 7 inches.   With proper diet, environment, and care, your Box Turtle can live up to around 20 to 25 years. How big is a fully grown box turtle? Box Turtles […]

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