The Oasis Turtle Ramp is a simplistic, minimalist ramp that fits inside your turtle tank that comes in three different sizes and can accommodate nearly every tank and turtle size. How does it hold up against the competition? 


Oasis Turtle Ramp

Plenn Plax Turtle Topper Dock Review main

The Plenn Plax Turtle Topper is the best rated turtle basking dock in the world


If you need a basking dock that fits inside your tank, the Oasis Turtle Ramp is one of your best options


  • Comes in three sizes (large, medium and small) to accommodate different tank sizes and turtles
  • Rubberized traction so that your turtles can easily climb up and down
  • No frills, perfect for simplistic turtle tank set ups 
  • Adjustable to different water depths 
  • Easy to clean 

Where Does It Sit?

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As opposed to the Plenn Plax Turtle Topper, this basking dock fits completely inside your tank. 

Shaped a bit like a squared off U, this dock has suction cups on one end of it which attack to the side of your tank. 

While he suction cups on this device are quite difficult to take off once you place them, this is a good thing as the firmer the basking dock, the better able it is to support the turtles that climb aboard it. 

What Tanks & Turtles Can It Accommodate?

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The Oasis Turtle Ramp comes in three sizes: 

  • Large (16 x 11 x 4) 
  • Medium (12 x 6.5 x 3.25) 
  • Small (8 x 4 x 2.5) 

All sizes are basically the exact same except for the size. 

For most turtle owners, they should probably opt for either the medium or the large. ​

Small Size 

  • For smaller tanks (under 20 gallons)
  • Can accommodate only very small turtle species (under 4") and all baby hatchlings

Medium Size

  • Excellent choice for most turtle species
  • Fits very nicely in a 55 gallon tank 

Large Size

  • Definitely the best dock for larger tanks (75 gallons+)
  • Can accommodate larger RES and turtles that are 9-10" and bigger

Pros & Distinguishing Feature?

There are a number of reasons to, at the very least, consider this dock over virtually any other. 

  • The design is very simplistic. If you want to keep your dock with the least number of accessories and frills possible, this dock aesthetically fits right in. 
  • It can easily accommodate virtually every species of popular pet turtle 
  • Many turtles (particularly red eared sliders) enjoy the "diving dock" where they can plop right into the water 
  • The acrylic padding makes it very easy for turtles to climb up the ramp, as well as walk down, even when wet and totally submerged, the ramp doesn't feel slippery

The distinguishing feature of this dock however is its simplicity. There aren't any extra bells and whistles, and because of that, it's extremely easy to set-up and for your turtles to get accustomed to it. 


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On the other hand, this dock isn't suitable for everyone

The biggest drawbacks of this dock are:​

  • Unless you get the large sized ramp, it's difficult for bigger turtles to all use the dock at the same time (it will take a bit of time for them to adjust using it all at once)
  • Its simplicity is also its drawback; the dock probably wouldn't go very well with a tank that tries to look as natural as possible
  • While it takes up less space than many other docks, it still takes up space in your dock which could be used for other things, such as more swimming space
  • Some users complained about the acrylic rubberized padding starting to peel off after a year or so of use
  • Likewise, the suction cups, while very strong, tend to lose their strength after a year. Some users noticed that their suction cups would start to slip and slide after a year or so.

Consumer Ratings & Price

The ratings for the Oasis Turtle Ramp are very good. 

Well above average for a turtle dock, in fact.

When I came across this product I was unsure if it would support the weight and if she would be able to pull herself up onto it. The ramp is still narrower than she is but when it is positioned about 2 inches from one of the sides of her 75 gallon tank she pulls herself right up. This dock allows her to be completely out of the water and she absolutely loves the (diving board. The suction cups are amazing, I was blown away by the amount of weight that they are able to support.

What a Consumer Says...                 

​The biggest downside is the price. 

  • Smallest size is under $10 
  • Medium is under $15
  • Large around $42

I am not quite sure why exactly the price jump from the small to the medium is so small (around $5 or so), but the price difference between the medium and large is so BIG (more than $20). 

​Like noted above, for most turtle owners, especially owners with only one turtle, the medium will most likely be sufficient. 


Given the simplistic design of this ramp, as well as the fact that it is: 

  • easy to clean 
  • easy to set up 
  • comes in 3 different sizes
  • easy for turtles to climb up and down 

This one's easy.  The Plenn Plax Turtle Topper still reigns supreme, but this ramp comes in at a respectable 2nd. 

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