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Name Type of ProductWhat Tanks It Can Fit# of ReviewsOverall RatingDistinguishing FeaturePrice
Plenn Plax Turtle Topper
Plenn Plax Turtle Topper Dock Review main
Basking Dock10 to 55 gallonsExtremely HighWell Above-Average-Sits above tank
-Ramp + 2nd platform
-Very aesthetic
$50 and Under
SunSun 402 Filter
SunSun HW 304 Filter Review
Water Filter150 gallon & belowVery HighAbove-Average-Ultra quiet
-Priced relatively lower than competitors
-Built-in UV light
-3 Stage filtration
$80 & Under
Oasis Turtle Ramp
oasis turtle ramp review 2
Basking Dock 10-75+Average Well Above-Average-Minimalist
-3 sizes for different turtle and tank sizes
-Easy to set up
-Easy for turtles to climb
$41 and Under